Are you considered a sinusitis patient? Do you suffer from chronic sinus problems? Would you like a non-invasive way to alleviate your sinus pain without any added discomfort? The solution to your problems is here! Balloon sinuplasty is an in-office procedure that is safe, effective, and non-invasive.

Procedure Criteria:

There are a few criteria to be considered for balloon sinuplasty.

  • You have received a diagnosis for chronic sinusitis and you seem to be unresponsive to medication
  • You suffer from recurrent acute rhinosinusitis

If these criteria pertain to you and your situation, then you might be the perfect candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

The Procedure

Balloon sinuplasty or BSP, as it is often called is a groundbreaking and innovative sinus surgery method for relieving sinus pain and pressure related to chronic sinusitis. Why continue to endure the discomfort when there is a unique and safe solution to better breathing?

Afraid of the procedure itself? Do not be! It is not as bad as you may think…really.

You do not have to worry because there is no cutting of your nasal tissue or nasal bone. In fact, more than 380,000 individuals experiencing the symptoms of chronic sinusitis have found immediate relief with BSP. Now, they are breathing easier and sleeping better. You too can have meaningful improvement to your health and quality of life!

Are you now ready to discuss this with your ENT? Or do you still want to learn more? Read on for more helpful information!

Open Up Sinuses for Easier Breathing

At Light ENT, our physicians use the balloon sinuplasty procedure to open up sinuses that are blocked or inflamed. The procedure is done similarly to how a heart surgeon would open a blocked artery during balloon angioplasty. It is all about clearing the blockage – non-invasively!

The surgery is effective in relieving any symptom of chronic sinusitis and allows you to return to your normal routine as quickly as possible. Unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty leaves all your nasal tissues and bones intact.

You don’t have to go to a hospital or operating room, nor do you have to deal with general anesthesia. Local anesthesia will take care of any potential pain – safely and effectively. This minor procedure will leave you feeling like a new person – inside and out!

Contact an ENT Doctor

Chronic sinus symptoms could be alleviated immediately with balloon sinuplasty surgery. You must first consult with a knowledgeable ENT doctor in Boynton Beach. Stop having sleepless nights and get back your life once and for all with balloon sinuplasty. Do not wait! Contact an ENT specialist today!