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At Light ENT, we understand that your choice of physician is driven by both the doctor’s competency and personality. With ear, nose, and throat problems, you need an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) who is experienced, understanding, and supportive. Dr. Light and his staff give patients this caring attitude each day. We work together as a team to ensure we are responsive to your needs and keep you informed about your health. We look forward to getting to know you.

Meet Dr. Light

Dr.Light is a double board certified physician in Otolaryngology and received his ENT training at NYU Medical Center. His subspecialty focus includes the medical and surgical treatment of sinus problems, and ear disease, for which he received fellowship training at the Ear Research Foundation. He is currently on staff at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery and Laser Center.



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Otosclerosis infographic showing the inner ea

Otosclerosis? Consider Stapedectomy...

Otosclerosis can often be treated by removing the ‘stapes.’ This outpatient surgical procedure is called a ‘stapedectomy.’ As a result of Dr. Light’s extensive experience and expertise performing stapedectomy surgery, patients often travel from out of town for him to do their procedure. Our office can assist in making arrangements in such circumstances…

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Masks…Not Just for Halloween Anymore!

Is Halloween coming early this year?  What is it with all these people walking around with masks on? Airports, Malls, Movie Theaters, Hospitals…ok that last one always makes sense, but the others? The Lone Ranger would fit right into the general public these days…but truth-be-told, his mask was not only ridiculous at hiding his “secret…

Ear Wax? Be Cautious in Using Q-Tips

Q-Tips have been the ‘go to’ first line of defense in cleaning our ears for generations. But recent opinions regarding their use have been changing in the medical community. Be careful using your Q-Tips ( cotton swabs ) too aggressively in cleaning your ears. Not only our ear doctors here at Light ENT in Boynton…

Sinus Flare Ups from Summer Pollen

Sinus Flare Ups from Summer Pollen Are you currently suffering from pain or high pressure in your sinuses or in your ears or teeth? Do you feel like your face is swelling and an enduring sense of nasal stuffiness? Do you tell yourself and others, “awww, it’s just my sinuses flaring up ( again )”?…