Want to discover how to alleviate sinus pressure? Avoid the confusion and ill-advice of what causes sinus problems. Learn what you can do about it and get your health back on track.

Which kind of sinus is causing you pain? Is it frontal, ethmoid, maxillary or sphenoid?

What is bothering you?

If you are experiencing frontal sinus, it means that you may have severe migraine headaches or pain in your forehead area. Ethmoid sinuses result in pain across the nose area and between the eyes.

If you are having pain in your upper jaw, cheeks or teeth, you could be experiencing maxillary sinus. Pain on top of your scalp, behind the eyes or along the back of your head could be attributed to sphenoid sinus.

Get Help Today

Did you figure out which one is bothering you or are you still confused? You don’t have to do the guesswork anymore! An ENT specialist will help you to decide whether you need sinus surgery or sinus treatment.

Temporary Relief Until You Get Medical Help

While it is important that you should see an ENT specialist, you can still do some things to temporarily relieve yourself until you visit the doctor.

What can you do to cool off your head, easing some of the pain for now? Use a bag of ice or cold compress and place it on your head for several minutes as you lay down.

Sometimes, stress may be making the sinus problem worse, especially if you have a stressful job or lifestyle. So, it is time to reduce the stress once and for all. Get a neck and shoulder massage to relax.

Simple Procedure

Whether you are suffering from sinus pressure, difficulty breathing, blocked sinuses, you can breathe freely with the appropriate medical help. In fact, with a simple procedure, the discomfort can be completely gone and you will eliminate the discomfort.

Improve the Quality of Your Life

Sinus issues can greatly impact and affect the quality of your life. An ENT has the experience and knowledge to appropriately treat your condition using advanced treatment options.

Many of these medical procedures are minimally invasive and non-surgical and are done in-office instead of at a hospital. Functional nasal reconstruction is also another option. Light ENT will choose the best treatment for your particular condition and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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You do not ever have to live with a sinus disorder. You can get help. Contact Light ENT today for answers to your questions, medical advice, and to schedule an initial consultation.

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