Earlens hearing helping Palm Beach County couple

Earlens Hearing Aids

Earlens hearing aids features

Hearing Aid User? Did you know that the FDA has cleared new type of hearing aid called EarLens. This light driven hearing aid is designed to provide patients like you with application that produces Superior sound quality and extended bandwidth compared to traditional acoustic hearing aids. It uses light instead of sound to transmit energy into the year of the user put this new technology to work for you learn more by contacting our Boynton Beach ENT office.

Processor and Ear Tip Features:

  • Automatically adjusts in challenging environments, like theatres and restaurants
  • Rechargeable batteries give you a full day’s charge and eliminate the need to change tiny batteries
  • Includes ‘feedback reduction’ to greatly reduce ‘whistling’
  • Earlens has 4 customizable programs so you can choose the best setting for each location
  • Available in 3 color options

Learn more about Earlens and other hearing aid / hearing loss solutions by contacting Dr. Light ENT in Boynton Beach ( and serving all of Palm Beach County ).