Do you wear a hearing aid? Proper functioning of your hearing aids is just as critical now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it was before the days of the virus.

To ensure satisfaction, as well as safety, the Light ENT Audiology department at our Boynton Beach ENT office has implemented strategies to help reduce physical contact while maintaining the high-quality standard of care you expect to receive.

These strategies include curbside services for hearing aid cleanings, checks, and other maintenance concerns.

We have also included telehealth as an appointment type for those who qualify.

Many hearing aids provided through Light ENT can be programmed remotely from the comfort of your home through virtual appointments. Telehealth appointments can be as simple as routine care, or as detailed as hearing aid adjustments.

Our goal is to ensure that you never feel alone, or struggle with your hearing aids through this crisis.

The Light ENT Audiology department remains open for in-office appointments in Boynton Beach as well. We are utilizing extensive safety precautions to protect both you and our staff from COVID-19.