From foods to dust to pollen to pet dander, it seems like we all know at least one person who suffers from some type of allergy today. But the severity of allergies can vary over time and with age, right?

For example, as a child, you might have struggled with allergies every spring without fail. But now that you are adult, they seem to bother you less and less. The opposite situation is also possible: You might have grown up allergy-free, but your best friend’s cat really seems to irritate your sinuses now that you are pushing age 40…

So is it true? Can allergies really disappear or change with age? Read on to find out more…

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Debunking Allergy Myths

Allergies are some of the most chronic conditions in the world. And because they are so common, so are their myths…

Here we will try to “debunk” some of the most common allergy myths.

Myth #1: “Inheriting” Allergies: Many people are under the (false) impression that they can’t inherit allergies; allergies are something that we contract as we age and that have to do with our environment.

But this is only partially true. While allergies are a very real part of our environment, and can impact us just the same, our genes are just as much of a factor in whether or not we experience and suffer with allergies.

Myth #2: Ditch the Dust Mites with a Mattress Cover: If you are allergic to dust mites, then you might have tried to protect your mattress with a cover in an effort to ward off or reduce the amount of dust mites, which could be impacting your ability to sleep as well as the quality of rest that you actually get each night.

However, while using a mattress pad or cover can reduce the amount of dust mites, the impact of this is fairly low. The real truth here is that using a mattress pad or cover won’t make that much of a difference in your allergies. You will likely still experience some allergy symptoms.

Myth #3: Allergies Are Worse in Some U.S. Cities Than Others: This is entirely true. Depending on the air quality and basic geological factors, the culprit for your allergies could very well be the city you live in.

Check out this infographic here to see if you live in one of these cities and states.

Myth #4: The Only Way to “Cure” Allergies is With Medication: This is far from true. Yes, there are a ton of different kinds of over-the-counter medications you can get at your local pharmacy, but if these don’t work, all hope is not lost. It just might mean your body needs a “shot” of something stronger.

In fact, stress can be a HUGE factor for worsening your allergies. According to an allergist and immunologist in Columbus, Ohio, there is a link between neurologic and immunologic symptoms.

In addition, if you find that you aren’t particularly stressed or it seems like your allergies are only worsening rather than improving, then it may be time to see an ENT specialist.

An ENT specialist will likely recommend immunotherapy, which are a series of allergy shots that not only help alleviate allergy symptoms, but have also been known to cure allergies in some cases!

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Myth #5: You Can Outgrow Allergies: The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Can you outgrow your allergies? Will they disappear with age? No, allergies do not disappear with age. Your body might adjust, and you might not respond to allergies the same way as your age, but allergies do not disappear completely.

Do Allergies Disappear with Age?

In fact, a study conducted in 2013 discovered that approximately 15 percent of adults over age 60 reported they had allergic rhinitis, which is also known as hay fever.

What medical professionals and scientists have discovered is that as we age, our immune systems weaken, resulting the decline of allergy symptoms. The younger we are, the stronger our immune systems, and the stronger our allergies.

If this seems like it should be the opposite, you aren’t alone. Think about it. When we experience any type of symptoms, whether due to an illness, a stomach bug or even allergies, our immune systems are attacking and fighting off the virus or the germs, which is why we experience sinus pressure, a runny nose, sore throat, or even vomiting. Therefore, as we age and our immune systems weaken, so do our allergies…

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Why a Professional Diagnosis is Necessary

Of course it’s easy for all of us to believe allergy myths, especially when we are frustrated with them, and are just tired of feeling sick all the time.

However, to determine your real and true allergy case, the best course of action is to speak with a medical professional or an experienced ENT specialist.

An ENT specialist will look more closely at your case and determine the root cause of your allergies, as well as recommend the best treatment options for you.

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Working with an ENT Specialist in Boynton Beach for Your Allergies

Allergies can be a tricky thing to diagnose, determine, and decipher. Sometimes the root cause of your allergies isn’t what you think it is! This is why working with an ENT specialist in Boynton Beach can make all the difference in getting you answers, giving you treatment options, and making you feel better!

For more information on working with an ENT specialist in Boynton Beach, visit here to schedule your complimentary initial consultation, and get answers for your allergies today!