You can feel it coming.

The knife-like pain that shoots up into your forehead, the puffy, swollen eyes, and the constant pressure that makes your skull feel like it’s going to explode.

Sinus infections don’t sneak up on you, they invade your head like a thundering storm, and you’ve probably learned to dread their arrival.

But what if there was a much better way for you to predict a sinus infection, without having to suffer through all those other symptoms?

According to researchers, there is a way, and it’s something many of us experience every day.

The Importance of Fatigue In Diagnosing Sinus Infections

A study of 273 patients who suffered from sinus infections found that fatigue was one of the primary indicators of an impending sinus infection, even if other more familiar symptoms such as sinus pressure were absent.

In fact, the study also found that the following symptoms were also important indicators:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Nasal discharge
  • Nasal blockage
  • Decreased sense of smell

But when researchers asked patients to identify their major symptom, many of them responded that they had felt tired prior to being diagnosed with a sinus infection.

And not surprisingly, patients who were treated for a sinus infection, later reported that they had a significant boost in energy level.

How Sinus Infections Are Diagnosed 

If you’ve had a history of problematic sinuses, and you’re now experiencing constant fatigue, your otolaryngologist – also known as an ear/nose/throat (ENT) doctor – will often perform a nasal endoscopy.

This is an in-office procedure in which an ENT places a lighted tube into your nose so that he or she can see into your nasal cavities to determine how swollen your sinuses are, and to see if you have any polyps.

Your ENT will also take cultures from the drainage in your nasal cavities so that he or she can determine which medication to give you to treat your infection.

The procedure is usually painless, because your doctor will spray a topical anesthetic into your nasal passages that shrinks the nasal lining and significantly lessens the discomfort of the tube.

Don’t Put Off a Consultation 

A lot of people suffer through what we call ‘sinus season,’ when their sinuses flair up due to weather conditions. But once the season is over, people tend to go back to their regular lives, instead of trying to find a solution that will take them off this vicious cycle. If you suffer from sinus infections several times a year, you should schedule an appointment with our office to see how we can help provide you with a more permanent solution. Call us today at 561-737-8584.