Do you feel that you are off balance? Do you have bouts of dizziness or dizzy spells? Do you feel like your surroundings are you moving but you know they are not moving? Dizziness is a word often given to two very different conditions. Most people refer to both lightheadedness and vertigo as “dizziness” when they are talking with a doctor or describing the feeling to a loved one. Whenever you notice a new symptom, whether it is ‘dizziness’ or another condition, do not ignore your body’s message to you. If there is ever a question, seek out the advice of a medical professional concerning your symptoms.

So, which type of dizziness are you experiencing? Once you learn the difference between the two, you will never use ‘dizzy’ to describe the feeling again.

Lightheadedness: This is the feeling you get when you believe you are going to faint or pass out. It is not uncommon for someone to experience lightheadedness when they are suffering from the common cold. Feeling lightheaded typically comes with the sensation of seeing ‘spots before your eyes’ and your head may actually feel like it is almost disconnected from your body. People usually do not feel like their surroundings are moving when they get lightheaded. If you ignore lightheadedness, it may lead to you actually fainting. Finally, this feeling typically subsides when you sit or lay down. A lot of people feel lightheaded after they get off of a roller coaster.

Vertigo: Vertigo is often associated with feeling off balance and could lead to nausea or vomiting in extreme cases. Experiencing vertigo can be horrible and actually quite dangerous if you are driving or working. Laying down or sitting down does not always correct the feeling of vertigo. The occurrence of vertigo does increase with age, which also increases the likelihood of hurting yourself.

If you have never felt vertigo, a similar feeling is how your balance is affected after you spin around in a chair and stand up too quickly. After spinning for too long, some people can’t help but fall over or hold onto an item they know isn’t moving to regain their balance.

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If you are experiencing dizziness – either as vertigo or lightheadedness, you should never ignore the problem. There are many situations that will lead you to experiencing these symptoms on a regular basis. In a lot of cases, there is an issue with your inner ear. Before any of your problems become major conditions, seek out the care of a qualified Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.

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