May is Better Hearing Month and Light ENT wants to make sure the added challenges of using hearing aids with a mask does not prevent you from hearing better.

Many patients have asked the question, “How do I keep my hearing aids from falling off when placing or removing my face mask?” There are a few solutions that will hopefully solve this issue for all hearing aid users:

1.       Use an “ear saver” or facemask extender. This relieves pressure from the top of the ears and your mask will now attach at the back of the head instead of around the ears.

2.       Attach the elastic loops to a headband with buttons. The ears will not receive extra tension.

3.       If you wear your hair in a ponytail, simply place the elastic loops around the ponytail. If the elastic loops are too short a rubber band can be added to extend the length of the mask.

4.       Use a mask with 4 strings instead of elastic loops. This solution does not use the ears as support.

5.       Only take the hearing aids off in places you are at often such as your car or home and check every time after removal. This limits the location and potential risks of losing the devices.

The Audiology Department at Light ENT in Boynton Beach is also providing curbside service, telehealth appointments, or in-person services for all your hearing aid needs.

Should you have questions regarding how to complete a task listed above or would like information on purchasing these solutions, feel free to reach out to the Light ENT Audiology Department by calling 561-349-6619.