Florida Allergy Testing

Fighting allergies can be frustrating and exhausting. Instead of rolling over and letting pollination win, take action against your springtime blues by following a series of proven tips, including spending more time indoors, avoiding irritants, and keeping your lawn trimmed.

To learn more about allergy prevention – or to inquire about Florida allergy testing – contact Dr. Joshua Light at Light ENT. We redefine the health care of our patients by keeping them informed about their condition. 

Spend Less Time Outside 

During the spring season, plants release billions of grains of pollen into the air. For some individuals, breathing these grains can trigger an allergic reaction. If you regularly experience these reactions, consider staying inside on windy days and during the early morning, when pollen counts are highest. 

Find Natural Relief 

Florida Allergy TestingAccording to Web MD, there are dozens of natural remedies for allergies, including an extract called butterbur and a Chinese herbal formula called Biminne. You should, however, be cautious before starting a new method of treatment. Butterbur itself can cause an allergic reaction, while Biminne conflicts with diabetes medicine. The moral of the story? Speak to your physician first. 

Change Your Habits 

Small changes can make a big difference. Avoid wearing your shoes in the house, use an air conditioner rather than a fan, shut your windows to keep out pollen, and clean your floors with a vacuum that includes a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. Finally, don’t hang your clothes outside to dry. All of these habits can help you avoid unnecessary pollen exposure. 

Wear Sunglasses 

While this cannot eliminate your symptoms altogether, wearing sunglasses can help keep pollen away from your eyes. Try large, dark glasses that wrap around your face, blocking as much pollen as possible. 

Avoid Irritants

According to Everyday Health, your allergies can be worsened when your sinuses are exposed to irritants like chemicals and smoke. Smoking can significantly worsen your symptoms, in addition to wood fires and wood-burning stoves. Avoid strong odors, perfumes, paint fumes, disinfectants, and air fresheners. All of these can cause an allergic reaction. 

Trim Your Grass 

The tidier your lawn, the less pollen you’ll encounter. Remember to always wear a dust mask while working outside to avoid breathing in pollen directly. 

Shower Before Sleep 

During the spring season, showering is your friend. You should hop in the shower to rinse off before bed and after spending a significant amount of time outdoors. This process will rinse off allergens that may be stuck to your skin and hair. You don’t need to shampoo every time you shower – a brief rinse should do the trick. 

Visit a Florida Allergy Testing Center to Learn More 

If you struggle with springtime allergies, we can help at Light ENT. Dr. Joshua Light is a double board-certified physician in Otolaryngology. He can help perform Florida allergy testing, in addition to creating a plan of attack that meets your specific needs. Contact Light ENT by calling (561)-349-6645.