There are quite a few reasons that hearing loss occurs. Disease, general health issues, noise exposure and genetics can all contribute to hearing loss. However, for many people, the natural aging process can result in changes to their hearing ability. With approximately 30 percent of adults over the age of 65 and about 50 percent of adults over 75 having issues with hearing, this is not an uncommon problem. Seeking a hearing test is the best way to determine if this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

While the causes of hearing loss are vast, the majority of people experiencing this issue do so gradually. In fact, the process is often so gradual that the people suffering from hearing loss go approximately seven years before they seek treatment.

The good news is, there are signs that a person needs to invest in a hearing test, with some of the most common found here.

Problems Hearing on the Phone Indicate it is Time for a Hearing Test

While phone conversations are usually more difficult than face to face interactions, if you are having a hard time understanding people taking on the phone, then it is a good indication that you are suffering some level of hearing loss. If you have turned the volume all the way up on your phone, and still can’t hear clearly, the scheduling a test is highly recommended.

Playing the Television too Loudly is Another Sign that a Hearing Test is Needed

If you see that your family or friends are constantly reaching for the remote to turn the volume of your television down, then it may be time to consider you are suffering from hearing loss. While this is an easy sign to notice, it is one that others will probably notice right away. As time passes, your hearing will likely become worse and worse, resulting in you having to progressively turn the volume up more and more.

A Hearing Test is Necessary if Too Much Background Noise Makes it Difficult to Understand Speech

If you have a hard time making out what someone is saying while there is background noise, this is yet another symptom and sign of hearing loss. For example, is dinner at your favorite restaurant less enjoyable due to clinking dishes, which drown out your conversation, then hearing loss could be a serious issue for you.

Hearing Tests are Necessary if You Have a Hard Time Hearing High Frequencies

If you begin to notice it is more difficult to hear sounds you were once able to hear clearly, then it is an indication of hearing loss. Try to pay attention to voices and music. If the higher soprano portion of your favorite song is difficult to hear, or if a child’s voice is challenging, you may be dealing with hearing loss.

No one really wants to admit they are struggling with hearing loss, but it is only a condition that is going to get worse as time passes. Keep in mind, while hearing loss is most common as a person gets older, it can occur at any age. If you are worried you are suffering from hearing loss, the best thing you can do is contact the staff at the office of Joshua P. Light MD by calling 561-737-8584 to schedule a hearing test.