Allergies can happen year-round. They turn your eyes watery, make your nose run, and can make you feel miserable. Regardless of the type of allergy bothering you, you can make your days easier with an allergy relief kit. These kits are not meant to substitute prescription medications or visits with your doctor, but they may offer a little relief in between.

Eye Drops

Dry, itchy eyes are common with allergies. In your kit keep eye drops for those red and itchy eyes. This will ease the inflammation, tearing and even the swelling. You should consult your physician first to see what type of eye drops is right for your allergies.


As long as your physician approves, you can relieve congestion and stuffiness with a decongestant. Allergies often cause nasal tissues to swell up and decongestants can help. Buy them as over-the-counter medications. But, make sure you do not take other medications that can interact with these, such as medications for high blood pressure, thyroid issues, and so on.

Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays rehydrate those dried out passages and can help with other allergy-related symptoms. But, these should never be used more than three days in a row and you should always ask your ear, nose, and throat specialist before using them. You can, however, use a saline spray to help fix the dry nasal passages while waiting for your next appointment.

Lotions and Creams

Moisturizers and hydrocortisone creams should be in an allergy kit, too. If you get dry, itchy patches, use the lotion to rehydrate the skin. For small bouts of hives or irritated skin, the hydrocortisone cream will bring instant relief. If you have serious skin reactions, your physician may prescribe a more potent cream.

Medical Information

If you have serious allergies, then you should wear a medical bracelet that alerts emergency personnel of your allergies.

Store it With Care

An allergy relief kit should be stored in your home as well as in your purse or car. That way if you have an attack, you have everything you need within reach.

Meet with an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist

Allergies can be debilitating and actually affect your quality of life. If your allergies are getting the better of you or leading to frequent ear and sinus infections, contact an ENT Specialist in West Palm Beach, FL right away. Dr. Light can help you with your adult and pediatric allergy concerns. Call us at 561-737-8584 to schedule your appointment today.