Is Halloween coming early this year?  What is it with all these people walking around with masks on? Airports, Malls, Movie Theaters, Hospitals…ok that last one always makes sense, but the others?

The Lone Ranger would fit right into the general public these days…but truth-be-told, his mask was not only ridiculous at hiding his “secret identity” but was also useless in protecting him from catching any airborne pathogens…which seem to be all people/media talk about lately with the onset of the Coronavirus ( aka Covid-19 ). You turn on the TV and people wearing Coronavirus masks with respirators are everywhere…often followed by the guys in the hazmat suits. Are we overreacting or are we being prudent?

Do These Masks Actually Work?

It makes sense to see folks working with paint or wood or other construction modalities any day of the week…and of course, us folks in the medical industry are notorious for trying to minimize catching or spreading viruses wherever possible.  But will putting your turtleneck sweater or bandana over your nose do anything to keep you healthy?  Hmmmm…no but it will raise some suspicion with your local law-enforcement!

So, what about the “mask-hysteria”?  As the old mantra of TV and Print media goes…”If it bleeds, it leads!”. And it seems the Coronavirus is no different. It’s getting alot of ‘press’ and alot of us are paying attention. But should people in the Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Lake Worth area be running out to the medical supply store or big-box retailer looking for these masks to protect them from the Coronavirus?

According to the LiveScience Article,, regular surgical masks will not help and instead recommend “a more specialized mask, known as an N95 respirator” to help keep you safe from the spread of the virus.

If In Doubt, Go See the Doctor

As physicians, especially in an ENT office, we see clients all-year around complaining about one health concern or another, some real, others imagined…some valid and some influenced by the news but at the end of the day, we treat them all and ensure they get the very best healthcare possible.

While we are not suggesting people do or don’t buy N95 masks to protect themselves, ( especially since there has been no confirmation from the CDC or NIH to proclaim that the masks do or do not help ), we do suggest that if you feel like you are not feeling well and not operating at 100%, that you come on in…whether it is here, at Light ENT in Boynton Beach or wherever your personal physician might practice. Let your healthcare experts help keep you on track…and leave the diagnosing to us!