Lyric Hearing Aids Boynton Beach

Are Lyric Hearing Aids a Good Option For You?

Lyric – A Hearing Solution for Your Active Palm Beach County Lifestyle

In years past, hearing loss was a devastating but almost inevitable part of the aging process. Activities that were once enjoyable, such as dinner with friends at Deck 84 in Delray Beach or taking in a movie at the Cinemark Boynton Beach 14, became difficult and embarrassing.

Always having to ask someone to repeat themselves led to people with diminished hearing to start excluding themselves from conversations and events where hearing would be difficult.

Compromising your lifestyle when becoming hearing-impaired is not something anyone looks forward to or should have to plan for. Thankfully, with major advancements in hearing technology, compromising is no longer necessary. With the introduction of the Lyric invisible hearing aid, Palm Beach County residents are seeing a significant improvement in their hearing with little-to-no impediment of their daily activities.

Features That Set Lyric Apart Include:

  • Invisibility – As the only 100% invisible hearing aid in the world, Lyric can be worn comfortably inside the ear canal and only you know it’s there.
  • Hear everything, all the time – No need to worry about not hearing your smoke detector or a concert at Mizner Park in Boca, Lyric is designed to be worn for months at a time so that you enjoy clear, natural sound 24/7.
  • It lives with you, not on you – You do not have to remove Lyric for a trip to your Boynton Beach Planet Fitness or a shower because it is water resistant. This is one of this device’s most convenient features.


Why Are Palm Beach County Residents Choosing Lyric?

Lyric is quickly becoming a popular choice in hearing aids for many reasons, including those listed above. Adding to Lyric’s appeal is that it is professionally fitted and programmed at our Boynton Beach office and it’s maintenance-free! No battery change to worry about means even more freedom for you. Wear it for up to three months at a time without giving it a second thought. It also allows you to use headphones and cellular phones as well as landlines normally.

Undergoing medical procedures such as X-rays and CT scans while wearing Lyric are no problem. An MRI, however, will require the device to be removed and replaced post-procedure. Device replacements usually only take about ten minutes, meaning more time for you to enjoy your life instead of sitting in an ENT doctor’s office.

Dr. Light highly recommends Lyric for his patients from Boca Raton to West Palm Beach. Dr. Joshua Light is an ENT whose expertise on hearing and hearing aids makes him a leading authority in hearing restoration. A consultation with Dr. Light at our Boynton Beach ENT office can address your hearing concerns as well as answer many of the questions that you may have about Lyric. Contact us today to learn more!