Autumn doesn’t just bring a turning of the leaves, it also brings some of the worst allergens that makes fall allergies in South Florida so challenging.

And if you are vulnerable to allergies, you understand how miserable they can make your life, and like many people, you probably exist on a steady diet of anti-histamines, or you walk around with a mask all day, which can be inconvenient.

But there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and triumph over your seasonal allergies.

Get Informed About Pollen Counts that Could Affect Fall Allergies In South Florida 

Take advantage of sites that provide you with a daily allergy forecast that tells you the pollen and allergen counts in your local area.

This information can help you determine if it’s safe for you to exercise outdoors, or what time of day is the most ideal for you to venture outdoors.

Remember that pollen is often at its highest potency in the morning hours before noon, so knowing that information can help you plan your day.

Invest In a Dehumidifier 

A dehumidifier is a wise investment to ease fall allergy symptoms, because it gets rid of warm, moist air that is hospitable for dust mites and molds that can make your allergies worse.

Even in cold weather, humidity can build up in areas of your house such as the kitchen and bathroom, especially if you live in a small apartment without much ventilation.

Many dehumidifiers operate without making any noise, so there is little to no disruption to your daily activities.

Wash Off Frequently 

Allergens cling to your skin, which means that you must wash off your face, arms and hair when you’ve spent extensive time outdoors during fall allergy season.

If you don’t wash off these allergens, they will become airborne and irritate your nasal passages, worsening your allergy symptoms.

Help For Allergy Sufferers

No one likes to live with fall allergies in South Florida or anywhere else for that matter, and unlike the old days, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Because the truth is that allergies are not just reactions to things in the environment, they can also cause upper respiratory problems, worsen asthma symptoms, cause ear infections, and lead to sinus problems.

That’s why it’s so important to visit an otolaryngic allergist, a doctor with expertise in ears, noses and throats, who can not only diagnose your allergies, but also provide solutions to any problems you have due to your allergies. The staff at Dr. Light E.N.T. is friendly, knowledgeable and committed to improving your allergy symptoms. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.