Carving turkey and opening presents are hallmarks of what should be the happiest time of the year. However, being around family and friends can be absolute torture when you are not feeling your best. You want to be involved, but you also do not want to pass your sickness on to others.

Whether you have the common cold or something more serious, following these simple tips can help you feel better and get into the holiday spirit.

1. Get plenty of rest

Whether you feel a cold coming on or you want to get over your sickness faster, rest is important. Your body needs to expend a great deal of energy to fight off any type of sickness. Providing it with a few extra hours of sleep can help increase its fighting power. You are never as productive when you are sick, so rest now to avoid being completely out of commission later.

2. Drink plenty of liquids

Any mother figure in your life has probably shared this little tidbit with you, but it really does help! Water and fruit juices will help detox your body so you can recover faster. Avoid drinks that have caffeine and try green tea instead. You can also try gargling salt water to help ease throat inflammation and pain.

3. Slow down

When you are recovering from a sickness, you really need to tone down just about everything in your life that you do. This includes work, school work, and even working out. If you normally do an hour at the gym, cut it down to half an hour, or simply take a walk instead. You do want to keep moving, if possible, but going hard will expend too much of the precious energy that your body needs to recover.

4. Try some Vitamin C

Fruit juices are a great way to get your much-needed Vitamin C, but supplements can do the trick as well. Vitamin C can help reduce the overall time that you are sick if you start taking it as soon as you start feeling a sickness coming on. Getting Vitamin C on a regular basis can also be great for your skin!

5. Take a hot bath or a warm shower

When you are not feeling well, getting in some warm water can help. It will not only help clear your nasal passages, it can also provide some much-needed moisture to your body (and head!). Using bath salts may also help you relax, decrease anxiety, and may even help you sleep better.

Speak with an Experienced ENT Specialist Florida

No one likes feeling poorly over the holidays. Take these steps now to cut down on the length and severity of some of the most common cold-weather illnesses. If you have suffered from cold and illnesses, contact an experienced ENT specialist at 561-737-8584.