Got allergies? Then you know anaphylactic shock can be fatal. If you have severe allergies that require you to carry an epinephrine pen around with you, then you should know how to avoid anaphylactic shock.

It is important to seek treatment for your allergies from a skilled physician. Severe allergies should receive in-depth immunotherapy to help lessen the symptom and hopefully cure the allergy altogether. But, while you are waiting for treatments to work, make sure you know how to avoid an anaphylactic attack.

Always Ask about Food Ingredients

If you have a food allergy and you’re dining out, don’t just rely on the menu. Instead, ask the chef or wait staff for a specific list of ingredients in a particular entree. Make sure it doesn’t contain oils or traces of food items that may be problematic for your allergies. For example, you are allergic to peanuts and the fried fish you’re about to order is fried up in peanut oil.

Let Others Know About Your Allergies

If you are going to a friend’s house or you’re eating over, tell people about your allergies. Never assume people know about what you’re allergic to. For example, you’re staying at a friend’s for the weekend, but have a serious pollen allergy. Make sure your friend doesn’t have any fresh flowers in the room you’ll be using.

Pack Your Own Lunch

Take your own food when you go out instead of picking up snacks at random places. If you are not sure, where you are going or what you will be able to eat, having your own snacks on hand prevents you from accidentally eating something that contains an allergen.

Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet

If you have a severe allergy, then you should wear a medical alert bracelet. This tells emergency professionals and others what you are allergic to. For example, you are unconscious, but have a penicillin allergy. Medical doctors will be able to tell you cannot have penicillin by reading your bracelet, and avoid a life-threatening accident.

Carry Medications

For severe allergies, you should carry an EpiPen with you at all times. This can prevent life-threatening cases of anaphylactic shock.

For allergy treatments, meet with a West Palm Beach allergy specialist. Dr. Light offers allergy testing and treatments that can reduce the chances of anaphylactic shock and life-threatening allergic reactions. Schedule your appointment today and let us help you get through these severe allergies.