The Effects of Noise on Your Hearing and Your Health

What You Are Hearing Can Hurt You

In the past, your parents may have scolded you about playing your music too loud or turning up the television at high volumes. Damage to your hearing was their concern. It’s been known for years that excessive decibels over long periods of time can damage your hearing. Further research has brought to light another issue, however. Everyday environmental noise that may or may not be bothersome can cause health problems. Dr. Light feels this study is important to pay attention to. Your hearing is his priority. Take a close look at the effects of noise on your health and hearing.

Increasing Blood-Pressure and Cholesterol Numbers

Your workplace may have noisy conditions, including factories and warehouses. Recent research revealed that workers exposed to loud noises for four hours a day during several days each week will have higher cholesterol and blood-pressure numbers. The theory behind these negative results is reactions to stress. A body under chronic stress will react with rapid heart rates and survival instincts. The body tends to store fat, including blood cholesterol, when the tissues are under strain.

Impacting Your Cardiovascular Health

If you live in an urban environment, the hum of the city may be causing heart-related incidents. Irregular heartbeats were found among many people living around city sounds that might include trains, car horns and yelling. The constant sounds negatively impact the heart, which can lead to cardiovascular strain or even strokes.

Disrupting Sleep

Open up the windows around the house, and ambient noise might be the norm. It may quiet a bit during the night, but many urban areas are plagued with constant noise. Noisy nights equate to lost sleep, which leads to obesity, diabetes and other health issues. Everyone needs quality sleep or else you compensate for the lost energy with junk food and excessive coffee volumes.

Making Poor Dietary Choices

Obesity is a serious health concern for every age. Noisy environments tend to encourage poor dietary choices. Go to a bar, and you’re eating greasy foods with high-fat dips. Enjoy a quiet bistro, however, and salad or fruit options tend to rule the ordering habits.

Considering Children

Your children and grandchildren may be at risk for hearing loss too. Noise doesn’t discriminate on age. Young children in noisy environments tend to do poorly on their reading tests, suggests recent studies. They need quiet environments for their brains to expand and absorb their studies. Closing the windows and creating white noise, such as a blowing fan, might improve their grades.

Getting Serious About Ear Protection

Protect yourself and loved ones by carrying hearing protection at all times. Today’s earplugs have advanced designs so that they’re comfortable to wear while allowing you to carry on conversations. They simply filter out the ambient noise. Wear hearing protection at work too. Your employer should supply the protection in these cases. Turn down the volume on those earbuds as well. Your hearing health is just as important as any other sense.

Meeting With an ENT Professional

Noise pollution affects everyone. Ideally, meet with an ENT professional at least once a year as you enjoy your golden years. Dr. Light confirms all of these facts surrounding noise and your health. Work alongside this professional so that you can prevent further hearing loss. One consultation sets you on a path toward a healthier you.

Dr. Light remains passionate about this subject as his schooling and experience reflect on his ENT professionalism. If you have any concern about your hearing health, schedule a consultation with Dr. Light today at 561-349-6621. He’s proud to serve the communities of Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida.