So how do you tell if you need to see an allergist or an ENT? An ENT basically focuses on your throat, ears, and nose, right? And it is no secret that all of those things are what actually start to bother you the most once allergy symptoms are likely to peak.


So what is the right step to take?

ENT doctors are physicians who focus on the ear, nose, and throat issues and structural problems. A patient will only seek the services of an ENT expert when he or she is experiencing a sore throat, facing difficulty with nasal breathing, or has a problem when it comes to hearing.

Did you know that almost all of those health problems are caused by allergies? As a matter of fact, almost 50% of sinus complications are a result of allergies, with the better part of the remaining percentage resulting from a combination of symptoms related to allergy and non-allergy. And because of the commonness of allergies, most ENTs now offer allergy testing.

An ENT can help you with your allergies by determining:

  • The different types of allergic reactions
  • Possible allergens that aggravate your allergies
  • Possible allergy testing methods – such as skin testing
  • How to interpret the results of allergy testing
  • The best treatment method for the patient
  • A proper treatment plan, which can include avoidance, medication or immunotheraphy

Can allergies be treated?

If you and sick of tired of dealing with allergies, and feeling miserable all the time, then it might be time to speak to an ENT. An ENT specializes in allergies and any type of sinus symptom that is keeping you up at night or keeping you from enjoying life.

In some cases, an ENT might even be more helpful than a primary physician or health care provider. This is because an ENT’s specialty is the ear, nose, and throat and has a great deal of training and experience in the common illnesses, diseases, allergies, and other issues ailing patients.

Contact an ENT  Specialist for Allergy Treatment

To finally find a treatment method for your allergies that actually works, contact a local ENT specialist for a consultation. He or she will take the time to go over your symptoms, conduct testing, and get you on a treatment plan that will get you back on your feet and doing what you love…and fast.