Most individuals have suffered from the negative symptoms of a sinus infection at some point in their lives. What many people don’t realize, however, is that a sinus infection can lead to many other medical concerns.

Being aware of your condition and reporting it as soon as possible to your ENT specialist in Boynton Beach can make a significant impact on your ability to recover as well as your chances to minimize any other medical outcomes.

Other problems are commonly associated with sinus infections, and this condition can be irritated by the common cold, viral, fungal or bacterial infections or even allergies.

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The Beginning Signs of Sinusitis: More Than a Pain in the Neck…

These problems are linked to your ability to function on a daily basis, higher levels of pain, and general feelings of frustration and aggravation. If you are experiencing ongoing discomfort and pain in your sinuses, then you may be suffering from sinusitis.

Sinusitis refers to an infection that impacts your sinus cavity. Your sinus cavity is located near the nose, in-between your eyes. Once this becomes infected, those symptoms can cause many different issues for your life.

Understanding when these issues have become aggravated is essential to determining your next steps, and how to get help from an ENT specialist. Read on to learn more about some of the symptoms that signal a serious sinus problem that has spread elsewhere.

Understanding Chronic Sinusitis vs. Acute Sinusitis

Individuals with chronic sinusitis should also be concerned about potential long-term implications of not treating this condition. Chronic sinusitis refers to a persistent condition of one or more of your sinuses. Although it is less common than acute sinusitis, it is common in all age groups. Read here to learn more about chronic sinusitis.

Let’s look at the common uncomfortable signs of sinusitis, and some differences between chronic and acute Sinusitis:

1. Hearing Loss – If you have acute sinusitis, then you may also notice that you begin to struggle with your hearing. Most of the time hearing is restored once the infection is gone. But chronic sinusitis, which is often linked to temporary hearing loss, can ultimately develop into a permanent condition.

This happens when chronic sinusitis is linked to another issue, such as an ear infection. Read more here to learn about hearing loss and sinusitis.

If your sinus infection spreads from your sinuses to your ear and in particular, the middle ear, pressure on the ear drum increases as fluid moves from the sinuses into the ear.

With developing pressure and the flow of fluid impacting the eardrum, the Eustachian tube, located between the middle ear and the throat can become blocked and swollen.

This generates additional pressure on the eardrum, ultimately leading to pain or even loss of hearing.

2. Throat Problems – Sinusitis has also been linked to loss of voice, coughing, or even a scratchy throat. It becomes difficult to function in your day-to-day life, particularly if you have to communicate verbally as part of your job.

While home remedies can help to ease the symptoms associated with the sinusitis, the underlying issue needs to be addressed before these symptoms can be properly controlled.

It is likely that your throat irritation cannot be eliminated entirely until you have addressed the sinusitis.

3. Permanent Damage – After you are able to cure your sinusitis, the fluid will drain and your pressure will reduce. Typically, your hearing will be restored. In younger children, however, this condition could lead to permanent damage because the ear is not fully developed yet, and fluid remaining in the area can generate additional pain and problems.

A ruptured ear drum or damaged ear drum can also cause more fluid to accumulate leading to permanent hearing loss.

This is why it is imperative that you get assistance from a sinus treatment specialist as soon as possible particularly if the patient in question is a child.

Let’s Talk About Treatments…

There are various treatments that may be used to help eradicate chronic sinusitis. You may notice that one or more of these treatments is effective at removing the symptoms associated with your sinus problems.

If other treatment options fail, then your ENT may recommend surgery to improve the drainage of your sinus. Individuals who had to go through this process usually find that surgery to treat chronic sinusitis is quite effective.

Discuss Treatment Options with an ENT Specialist in Boynton Beach

Having an ENT specialist advise you about your options can eliminate the sinusitis completely. This is one of the best ways to minimize all of these symptoms as well as reduce the chances that you’ll be impacted by ongoing permanent damage such as hearing loss. Learn more about sinusitis and sinus infections here.

Make sure you have consulted with your sinus expert when you believe that a series of sinus infections could influence other medical conditions.

Being aware of your health and wellness and taking proactive steps to eliminate future problems can be critical for your overall well-being.

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