Hearing loss is often gradual. In fact, it can be so gradual that the person who is experiencing the loss doesn’t realize it’s happening, and as hearing problems becomes more pronounced, often the person suffering the loss begins to adapt to it by reading lips or getting into the habit of asking someone to repeat what they just said.

Loss of hearing affects us in many ways, and it can be frustrating for all involved. If not attended to it can eventually lead to isolation, loneliness, and an overall inability to communicate. Here are three ways in which gradual hearing loss can affect our enjoyment of life.

Loss of Self-Confidence

When you’re unable to hear what someone is saying, especially in public settings, on the job, or when interacting with others at a gathering, it can greatly affect your self-confidence. You’re unsure of how to respond and afraid of looking foolish or making a mistake.

Hearing loss can cause people to withdraw into themselves and to forgo public situations. Imagine the effect this can have when it comes to interacting with friends, working effectively with others, or meeting new people?

Difficulty in Relationships

If good relationships are based on the ability of those involved to communicate with one another, then it makes sense that hearing loss can be a major factor when it comes to difficulties one may experience with their spouse, children, extended family, friends, and business associates.

Often hearing loss can create irritability on the part of the one directly experiencing the problem as well as those with whom they are having trouble communicating.

Often the new common ground that’s shared between the person suffering the loss and those with whom they are attempting to communicate is their inability to understand one another. It’s difficult for any relationship to be beneficial to either party when that occurs.

Moodiness and Depression

It has been found that moodiness and depression are heightened in those who experience hearing loss. An Italian study discovered that those who experience mild to moderate hearing loss are more prone to depression, anxiety, and interpersonal sensitivity than those who experience no hearing problems. As one’s loss of hearing progresses, symptoms can be elevated and depression can become a serious problem.

Why You Should Get Help

So often when someone experiences a loss in their hearing they will not acknowledge it, noting that they don’t have a problem. It can be difficult for those who first recognize the hearing loss, such as close relatives, to convince the sufferer to get help.

Too often this condition, even though it can happen at any age, is associated with growing older, and for some people that stigma can affect their ability to even admit that they are having trouble hearing.

However, it is very important to get help as soon as you notice that you are having a hearing problem. There are numerous reasons as to why one should get even a slight problem with their hearing checked out.

First, with early diagnosis your doctor may be able to help eliminate further loss of hearing. They may also be able to facilitate and improve your ability to hear.

Also, hearing problems may be connected to other issues or illnesses, and the diagnosis of such can be a major factor in ensuring your good health. Finally, when you cannot hear others it can affect you mentally and emotionally.

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