If you have severe sleep apnea, you may have to use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP. This machine is worn while you are asleep. Most patients who are told they have to use a CPAP are not happy about it. Some are even depressed that they will have to go through life wearing a machine at night. While it may feel awkward or even be embarrassing, remember that the CPAP is what could save your life and help your body stay healthy.

If you are having trouble accepting the fact you need a CPAP, here are a few ways to help you cope better:

Focus on the Benefits

Your body constantly struggles to breathe throughout the night. You wake up tired, you may have headaches, and you may even disrupt your spouse or partner with all of your snoring. You could be overweight or even have heart issues because of your sleep apnea.

What is most important is that the CPAP helps correct all of that and gives you the chance tomaintain a healthy body. More importantly, it ensures you actually breathe throughout the night.

It Could Improve Your Relationship

When it comes to sleep, partners can battle. Especially if you are keeping your spouse awake each night because of your excessive snoring. Look at the CPAP as a way to ensure both of you get a good night’s rest every night.

Start Learning About It

If you are afraid to wear it or unsure if it is right for you, why not research it to learn a little more? There is plenty of information out there about CPAPs and what they do. You can also ask your ENT about the CPAP, the benefits and how it could improve your health.

Have the System Customized

Everyone has different levels of sleep apnea and you can actually customize your CPAP to your needs. Get one that fits your face well so that it is comfortable to wear throughout the night. Ask your ENT which model or brand of CPAP machine they recommend, since not every machine is made the same way. If you have an outdated model, then upgrade as soon as a newer one comes out, because each year they are better.

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Just Stick To It

It will be hard, but you need to continue to wear the CPAP. Eventually it will become a way of life and you will not even notice it, but until then, you have to wear it.

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