Q-Tips have been the ‘go to’ first line of defense in cleaning our ears for generations. But recent opinions regarding their use have been changing in the medical community. Be careful using your Q-Tips ( cotton swabs ) too aggressively in cleaning your ears. Not only our ear doctors here at Light ENT in Boynton Beach but those on the panel of AAO-Head and Neck Surgery (American Academy of Otolaryngology) feel that “Wiping away any excess ear wax when it comes to the outside of the ear is enough to keep it clean.”

Believe it or not, a Q-tip can be more harmful than helpful.  For instance, it can push the ear wax further in causing an uncomfortable wax impaction within the ear canal, or it may even be pushed in too far, causing a puncture and further injury.

Ear wax that our body produces is actually our bodies way of protecting our ears. Usually, ear wax is a useful part of your body’s natural defenses. The wax lubricates, cleans and protects the ears and ear canal by filtering out dirt and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. Of course, too much ear wax may become an issue.

Ear Wax Removal / Ear Cleaning

Do you feel like your ears might be blocked? Ear wax may be a factor. Earwax buildup happens when earwax (cerumen) gathers in your ear and is not being flushed away naturally. You may require a gentle ear cleaning by an ENT like Dr. Light.

If earwax blockage becomes an issue for you, Dr. Light or one of our other ENT specialists will take simple steps to remove the wax safely in our Boynton Beach ENT office.

Call our office today to learn about all our ENT services and schedule an appointment with one of our Board Certified ENT’s to examine your ears, see whether your ear wax levels are normal and have an ear cleaning properly if need be.