If you are suffering from sinus problems and recurring sinus infections so badly then you might be desperate to find a remedy that actually works. One common procedure that helps sinus problems is Balloon Sinuplasty.

What a Relief! Clinical research has confirmed that Balloon Sinuplasty provides long-term relief from sinus symptoms. The procedure essentially opens blocked passageways of the sinus in order to improve breathing problems and recurrent sinus infections.

Less Invasive, Less Trauma. Generally, Balloon Sinuplasty is much less invasive than traditional sinus surgery. It causes less trauma to the sinus tissue and preserves sinus openings. The procedure results in minimal postoperative pain and bleeding.

Balloon Sinuplasty is performed through the nostrils and does not require cutting through the skin like traditional sinus surgery. In fact, most patients can go home a few hours after the procedure and can even resume their normal activities shortly after the procedure.

Happy Patients. Clinical research does show that the majority of patients who undergo Balloon Sinuplasty are extremely happy with the results. They testify that their quality of life improves dramatically and that they can breathe much easier and suffer much fewer sinus infections—if they get them at all.

Risks and Rewards. While results will vary in every patient, the research from major hospitals and specialists indicates that the procedure is generally very successful and very safe. However, just like any procedure, there are risks. Be sure to discuss these risks and benefits of any medical treatment with your doctor.

Will I Need a Repeat? Your sinuses will likely stay open for a long time following the procedure. However, certain factors may affect this length of time. For example, the extent of your sinus illness and symptoms, the nature of your sinus infections, the anatomy of your sinus passageways, and so on can all affect how long your Balloon Sinuplasty will remain effective.

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While many patients are happy with the results of a Balloon Sinuplasty procedure, and the results are often positive, not all patients are good candidates. Each patient is different and his or her body reacts differently to each procedure.

Researching the procedure and reading patients’ testimonials may help you to decide whether or not to go forward with the procedure. Your ENT specialist can help you, too, by discussing how the procedure works and assessing your medical history to determine if Balloon Sinuplasty is the best option for you and your sinuses.

While repeating the Sinuplasty procedure is necessary in some cases, it is mostly uncommon. But if you feel that your symptoms are returning or worsening, then you should contact your ENT specialist immediately to discuss the issue at 561-737-8584 .