Allergies are not exactly predictable. For some children, they may have an allergy the first few years of their life, but eventually it goes away. Adults can also develop allergies suddenly, even if they made it 20 years without them. So, does that mean it is true a person could grow out of their allergy?


For children, as they get older, there is a possibility that they will outgrow allergies. But, for majority of allergy sufferers, that is most likely not the case. Mature adults can grow into allergies and then suffer with them for the rest of their lives, which is exactly why they are so unpredictable.

Overactive Immune Systems Lead to Allergies

If someone has an oversensitive immune system, they may develop an allergy. That is because your body’s immune system is designed to protect it from harmful substances. But, when that system becomes too sensitive to certain things, such as pollen or dust, it reacts with an allergy.

The severity of allergy symptoms can also come and go. Some people may not grow out of their allergy, but they will notice the severity of symptoms gets less (or worse) with age. Doctors do not know why people even suffer allergies; let alone why some people get them worse than others.

What About Food Allergies?

Food allergies may or may not go away with age. A study by John Hopkins University did uncover that some kids outgrow allergies like milk by age 16, but some never grow out of them.

Allergies like eggs, wheat,and soy can diminish with age, and by the time the child hits their teen years, they may have no symptoms. But, nut allergies, are a different story. The chance of growing out of a nut allergy is much less likely.

How an ENT Can Help

Sometimes the best way to reduce the body’s response to allergens is to go through immunotherapy. This helps carefully introduce allergens into the bloodstream, giving the body the opportunity to fight back and adjust. While immunotherapy is not for everyone, it is a much more successful way to reduce or erase allergies, instead of relying on age.

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