In a typical larynx, your vocal folds are white and meet in the midline and are surrounded by light pink structures. There are several different diseases that can impact your larynx and all should be evaluated by an ENT Specialist in Boynton Beach.

Having an experienced ENT evaluate you for these problems can stop a serious problem from getting any worse, and finally put you on the road to recovery.

Read on to learn more about some of the most common problems associated with your larynx.

1. Polyps – Although polyps are benign when they are typically located on the larynx, they are capable of interfering with the production of your voice. Usually impacting males, this leads to a breathy voice that gets tired very easily.

Usually this can be treated with intensive speech therapy and medical therapy. If the lesion doesn’t respond to these treatment options, microsurgery may also be required.

2. Nodules – Nodules refer to calluses located on the vocal folds that happen when the voice has been overused or used improperly. This is more common in females and children.

In this situation your vocal folds are prevented from meeting in the midline and generate a deformity that leads to a raspy voice. Usually these can be treated with speech therapy. In some situations, this may also require microlaryngeal surgery.

3. Vocal Fold Hemorrhages – Although these are quite rare after the improper or aggressive use of vocal folds, it involves the rupture of a blood vessel and bleeding into the surrounding fold tissues. Some of the most commonly impacted individuals with vocal fold hemorrhage are cheerleaders as a result of overuse.

4. Cancer – If cancer can be caught early in the vocal folds, then it can be treated with surgery or radiation with a relatively high cure and survival rate.

5. Laryngitis Sicca – This disease is caused by inadequate hydration of your vocal folds. A mucus prevents the folds from vibrating in a uniform and fluid manner.

6. Laryngeal Dystonia – This is a voice disorder caused by movements that cannot be controlled of the muscles in the larynx.

7. Incompetent Larynx – This condition is also referred to as impaired vocal fold mobility where both or one of the vocal folds are not able to appropriately move due to scarring, paralysis or inflammation of a nearby joint.

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Proper Prevention is Possible

As you can see, there are many different larynx diseases that can generate problematic and painful situations. In the event that you are suffering symptoms related to your larynx or your ability to speak, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an ENT specialist in Boynton Beach. Seeking medical attention early on can help to catch these problems and treat them as effectively as possible.

Suspect Problems? Why You Need an ENT Specialist in Boynton Beach

If you are having issues related to your vocal cords or your larynx, your first stop is probably to visit your primary care physician. If the issue is complex, however, your physician will probably refer you to an Boynton Beach ENT specialist.

If your doctor believes that the issue needs to be evaluated by an experienced ENT doctor, you need to take this advice seriously and set up an appointment.

In the event that you are experiencing the early symptoms of a serious problem, such as paralysis or cancer, the sooner you can share this with a professional, the sooner you can begin a course of treatment and prevent the problem from getting worse.

An ENT doctor in Boynton Beach will have the experience to look into the issue on a deeper level and present you with treatment options.

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