Young woman sitting on couch and blowing nose

Spring is just around the corner, which means allergies will be getting out of control for thousands of Americans. Pollen and mold spore counts are mostly to blame for spring-related allergies.

If you find yourself suffering from the worst allergies, then you may feel as though you’ll never make it through the season. Luckily, there are things you can do to survive allergy season.

Get Relief from the Symptoms

You may need to treat the symptoms to find relief and help you feel comfortable throughout the day. Most likely your local drugstore will have over-the-counter antihistamines, nasal sprays, and other items to relieve the sniffles and itching.

Try Salt Water Treatments

Saline nasal rinses (either via a spray or a Neti pot) can remove allergens from deep inside the nasal cavity. This may relieve some of your symptoms. If you have a sore or scratchy sore throat, then gargle with a little salt-water solution twice a day.

Leave Shoes Outside

Pollens and other allergens get inside your home by sticking to your shoes. When you get home, take off your shoes in the garage and leave them there. This way you aren’t tracking those allergens inside. If you were outside for extended periods of time, then take a shower to remove any allergens on your skin and from your hair.

Workout Inside

Are you a runner or walker? During the spring, you will be exposed to allergens every time you leave the house. By exercising inside you can limit your exposure and potentially relive yourself from allergy symptoms.

Use Filters Inside

A HEPA filter inside can help remove impurities from the air inside your home and keep you comfortable. Even if impurities make their way inside, an air purifier can remove them and keep you allergy free.

Be Serious About Treating Your Allergies

Sometimes serious allergies need serious treatments. Visit your local ear, nose, and throat specialist for allergy treatments. An ENT that specializes in allergy treatment may be able to help you get permanent relief through immunotherapy or other allergy medications.

Contact the office of Dr. Light today to schedule a consultation for your allergy treatment in West Palm Beach, FL. Don’t suffer this spring; get help with your allergies and find permanent relief. Your insurance may even cover the cost of your allergy treatments – so why wait?