Hearing Aid

Suffering from hearing loss can inhibit your social life, mood, and job performance – among other things. The introduction of a hearing aid can change the way you live, from the first thing you hear in the morning to the last thing you hear before bed.

A hearing aid is a small device that uses a microphone, amplifier, and speaker to generally improve hearing. The microphone receives sound, converts the sound to electrical signals, and sends those signals to the amplifier. The amplifier increases the power of the signals and sends them through a speaker to your ear.

Unfortunately, only 20% of those who might benefit from a hearing aid choose to use one. If you suffer from hearing loss, contact a Florida board-certified physician at Light ENT. Our team is dedicated to your treatment and care.

Aside from hearing improvement, there are numerous benefits of using a hearing aid, including:

#1: Improved Mood

With the assistance of a hearing aid, you’ll hear the sound of birds chirping, wind blowing, and friends calling your name. When you’ve gone without for so long, these little pleasures add up.

#2: Heightened Brain Function

Hearing AidAccording to recent studies, improved hearing has been linked to heightened brain function in those who suffer from hearing loss. Scientists are still exploring the details of this phenomenon, but you’ll benefit from faster thinking, increased focus, and better memory.

#3: Better Job Performance

It goes without saying that, in a work environment, you must follow the instructions of your supervisor at all times. When you suffer from hearing loss, this can be difficult – if not impossible – to do. Using a hearing aid can vastly improve your work performance, making it easier to complete important tasks on time.

#4: Improved Psychological Health

As your social and career-related skills begin to improve, your psychological health will follow. When your primary method of communication is speaking, few things are more frustrating than not being able to hear. Without this roadblock, stress is less potent.

#5: Heightened Social Skills

The better you hear, the better you respond! When you’re finally able to hear your friends and family, you may feel less anxious about communicating with them. Rather than asking for constant repetition, you’ll be able to have ongoing conversations without pause or frustration.

Contact a Florida Board Certified Physician for Assistance

No one deserves to suffer from ongoing hearing loss – especially when a proper hearing aid can make a significant difference. While a hearing aid may not improve your hearing completely, it will improve your social interactions and decrease your stress level.

If you suffer from hearing loss, contact a Florida board-certified physician at Light ENT. Dr. Joshua Light is a nationally-recognized expert with a subspecialty focus in the medical and surgical treatment of ear disease. We offer the option of implant hearing devices and maintain the latest hearing aid brands. Call (561) 737-8584.