Did you know that over 1 million people at risk for hearing loss? After a recent study was released on CBS News, we thought it was time to discuss the ways people damage their hearing – and hopefully show you how to avoid it.
Loud noises are not the only way to damage your hearing permanently and there are some surprising ways everyone is hurting their ears, but don’t even know it.

Using Ear Buds

Ear buds are convenient and let you listen to music all day long. But, your ears were not designed to have music constantly streaming through them – especially at such close range. Because most people use their ear buds and play the music loudly as a way to drown out noise, that excessive sound can leave permanent damage. If you insist on using ear buds, then use them sparingly and never use them at high volume levels.

Driving with the Top Down

Owning a convertible comes with one great perk: wind in your hair. But, if you drive with the top down every single day, you could permanently damage your hearing. Convertibles have limited insulation, exposing you to high wind speeds, higher decibels of sounds outside the vehicle and vibrations.

You Take Drugs

Not just illegal substances, but they are included. As a lesser-known side effect to medication, hearing loss can occur from using pain medications, chemotherapy, antibiotics, and so on. Whether you are taking them as they are prescribed or abusing them, these drugs could cause permanent hearing loss.

You Smoke

Yes, your lungs and heart take the most damage from smoking, but your hearing could be at risk, too. The blood vessels that supply the ears, more specifically the cochlea, become restricted as you smoke – and that means limited oxygen reaching your ear. Ears have a high demand for constant flow of blood and when they don’t receive it, they could degrade over time.

Work is Too Loud

If you work in construction, the music industry or another place where you are exposed to frequent, loud sounds, you could be slowly damaging your hearing and not even know it. The cells in your ears are slowly being broken down and over time, you could notice a dramatic decrease in hearing.

Experiencing Hearing Loss? See an ENT Right Away

If you are noticing a change in your hearing, schedule an appointment with an ENT in West Palm Beach, FL right away at 561-737-8584. Dr. Light can assess your current hearing and see if there is something causing your hearing loss. While you cannot reverse damage, there are things you can do to stop the damage from continuing and preserve your hearing.