The human ear is composed of three different parts. These include the outer, middle and the inner ear. When ear issues occur, they can show up in any of these areas. While there are a wide array of conditions and issues that may arise, getting to know some of the most common can be beneficial.

Here you can learn more about the most common ear issues and ensure you take action in a timely manner.

Otitis Media is One of the More Common Ear Issues

Otitis media is the medical term for a middle ear infection. It can also mean the inflammation of the middle ear. In most cases, these types of ear infections are seen in children. This is because they have smaller Eustachian tubes than adults. As a person ages, their inner ear tubes will grow, which means the likelihood of this type of infection will be reduced significantly.


Tinnitus is more commonly called “ringing of the ears.” It can include noises that range from a loud and disturbing roaring to a buzzing, humming or clicking. The majority of cases of tinnitus occurs because of damage that occurs to the hearing nerve of the inner ear which is full of microscopic nerve endings. Tinnitus and hearing nerve impairment can be a natural accompaniment of someone who is getting older. Exposure to reoccurring loud noises is usually the main cause of damage to a person’s hearing.

External Ear Infections

This is also commonly referred to as Swimmer’s Ear. This is an infection that occurs in the outer structure of the ear. In many cases it takes place because water gets trapped inside of the ear canal. When the environment inside the ear is moist and warm, the bacteria will be multiplied, which can cause serious irritation and even an infection inside of the ear canal.

Ear Wax or Cerumen

Ear wax, which is medically called cerumen is caused by special glands located in the outer most portion of the ear canal. This area is designed to trap dirt and dust and keep particles from getting into the eardrum. In most cases, wax will accumulate, dry out and then fall out of the ear without any encouragement from you. However, in other cases, it will have to be removed by a doctor.

Any time someone is experiencing ear issues, they should contact a doctor. If they wait to seek treatment, then the condition is only going to become worse. If you are suffering any type of ear issue, it is a good idea to make an appointment right away. For more information about ear issues or if you are currently experiencing an issue, then contact the staff at Dr. Light E.N.T. by calling 561-737-8584.