Ears and their inner workings are highly complex. It is no wonder why many find themselves suffering from more than one ear issue each year. While there are a variety of conditions and illnesses of the ear, there are three that ear, nose, and throat specialists see more than others.

Ear Infections

Ear infections, referred to as otitis media, occur when drainage of fluid in the ear is blocked and left to collect. This typically occurs after or even during a cold, allergies, and upper respiratory infections where a virus or some form of bacteria is present in the body. As the fluid builds up, it creates a pressurized effect, causing the ear to ache, swell, and become inflamed inside. Some patients report diminished hearing during ear infections, because the eardrum cannot vibrate as it should.

While ear infections are common and not serious, left untreated they could lead to serious infections and possibly permanent hearing loss. For children, speech and language development could be hindered as well. Therefore, it is imperative you seek treatment right away if you or your child is suffering from an ear infection.

Read more about what is normal for a baby’s hearing.

Excessive Ear Wax

Ear wax is important for your ears; it protects them from infections and intrusions. It naturally comes out of the ear on its own. Removal can lead to wax impaction as well as disrupt wax-producing glands. While ear wax is normal, excessive ear wax is not. It can over accumulate in the ear, causing pain, itching or even odor. For some people, it can even cause hearing loss.

If you have excessive ear wax, your specialist will most likely have you flush your ears with peroxide once a week. Read more about how you can prevent hearing loss.

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear is a bacterial infection of the canal, which is not the same as an ear infection. Unlike a traditional ear infection, which involves fluid in the ear drum, this is the canal and is typically caused by water being trapped in the canal; hence the name.

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